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Weird erased day bump! ??? ???

Is there a reason that you don’t leave feedback on your Ebay auctions? I’d consider bidding if it not for that.

Issue resolved.

It wasn’t done intentionally, all you have to do is ask and I would be happy to leave you feedback. :wink:

I have bought 2 yos from this guy. He is honest and a pleasure to deal with.

Where did you get the cascade?

It originally came from One Drop team member Brett Grimes.

Ummm no it didnt I did not sell this person a Cascade…

I recieved it from Mack Finley at RebelThrow, who told me he got it from Brett Grimes. If that is not the case Brett, I apologize, but that is what I was told. That is why I said it “originally” came from Brett.


Free check your pms bump!!!

free bump

Chief and Project for yyr messiah near mint violet old version ??? Are you interested

pm ed

Gnarwhal still for sale?