top ten yoyos

heres mine ;D

show me yours :wink:

lol wished i has ten yoyos

my favs. not 10 yoyos i have

You’ve played with a Catch 22? drools ;D

Don’t know…

In order?

I’ll just do that…

  1. Peak.
  2. Atmosphere.
  3. FH0.
  4. Legacy.
  5. Project.
  6. Skyline.
  7. Hectic.
  8. DNA.
  9. Bolt.
  10. PGM

Had to fix it. Its been bugging me so much. Athmosphere is not a word.

I’m sorry.

Trust me when I say the C22 is not a great throw. Good but not near as good as a DV888.

My top ten?

  1. Air Rider
  2. MKII (blue)
  3. FHZ
  4. Bully (first run proto!) the others are awesome too but not as good IMO.
    1.Titty Twister

Now the one I’m waiting for will be here soon and it kills them all!!!

So far its the only one of its color and there are only two out I think.
Its made by Madhouse. a made this like a month ago

Top Ten I Have (all of my yoyos):

  1. Stock SaveDeth Lyn Fury
  2. Red Hyper Freehand
  3. Crazily Modded Lyn Fury (Nubless, Weight-Ringed, Siliconed, Satined, Stepped Up Bearing Seat, etc.)
  4. Translucent Red Hyper Freehand
  5. Transitional FHZ
  6. Yellow Hyper Freehand
  7. Stackless Grind Machine
  8. Green/Blue Trainwreck
  9. Powdercoated Trainwreck
  10. Raw 08 888

Top Ten Total:

  1. OG Projects (Really want Lilith and Clear Ano)
  2. Pure
  3. 888
  4. Trainwreck
  5. Punchline
  6. MayheM
  7. Stackless Grind Machine
  8. Bassalope
  9. Radian Super Light
  10. M1

lucky 7 looks kewl 8)

for me- (these are the top 10 yoyos i have, had, or tried )
10. Nimbus
9. M1
8. DNA
7. Superstar
6. GM2
5. 5150
4. Wedgie
3. Trainwreck (version 1)
2. FHZ

  1. Bully

To the OP: I don’t understand. The sidebar says your favorite yoyos (shouldn’t there only be one there?) are the Legacy and Dark Magic, which are number 9 and 10 on your slide show thing. Don’t quite follow there. Also, have you actually tried a Catch22? You can’t say it’s your favorite unless you’ve at least tried it; you could say you like the looks of it, but not that it’s your favorite.

I would put a list together, but I’m too lazy. Haha.