Today only 13th of April!!!

I got 3 MIB SPYY Pistoleros v.1 STAR B grade, 1x red and 2x black. (One black is shown further down this site) I have decided to sell the red one together with a black one for $105
I sell them as a set as I think they look good together and therefor belongs together :slight_smile:

You can even mix them :wink:

MIB SPYY Pistolero v.1 STAR B grade black (With name and logo but no engravings on the rims) 70$ 60$ shipped

MIB SPYY Pistolero v.2 STAR silver 78$$65 shipped

MIB SPYY Pistolero v.1 black/red. 1 out of 3 ever made.115[/b][/s][s][b]GONE[/b][/s] [s]MIB SPYY/CLYW Galactic Goose Rocky Mountain Smoky (The orange one) [s][b]120 78$ shipped GONE[/s]
MIB SPYY Ronin Grey 110$ shipped GONE
MIB SPYY Pistolero PPR v.2. It’s serial numbered and is number 1 out of 10. 120$ shipped GONE
MIB SPYY Pistolero v.1 100$ 78$ shipped GONE
MIB SPYY Ronin Midnight Blue 115$ shipped GONE
MIB SPYY Ronin Smoky Grey 115$ shipped GONE
MIB CLYW 28 Stories Campfire 85$ shipped GONE

MIB SPYY Pistolero v.1 STAR black (No logo or name but engravings on the rim) 78$ shipped GONE

Please PM or email me for offers and more pictures. All offers will be considered and answer kindly. ONLY CASH please :slight_smile:

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will you accept $50 on MIB SPYY Pistolero v.2 STAR silver?

whats rocky mountain smokey? orange?

Hey! see your email!

Would you take 60 for the v.2 pistoleo?

Let the biddings begin!

That was day one. 6 days left :slight_smile:

That’s day 2. 5 days left :slight_smile:

That was day 3. Up until now the highest bid is $95. But there’s 4 days left so let’s se what happens :slight_smile:

And just to answer some often asked questions: 1. It comes with the original box and sticker. 2. No vibes. 3. It has the 6 holes on each side.

Hi guys. The auction has now ended and I can announce that the highest bid was $115. Thank you to all who bid on this one :slight_smile:

New stuff :slight_smile: