to jayyo and all the other 2a players on this site that is using raiders

i was wondering when you guys use your raider do you play it stock or mod them?

kirim aku yoyojam dark magic donk … kan kamu deket rumahnya ( maksudnya deket tuh sama tinggal di indonesia juga)jangan cuma gambar ya yang beneran :smiley:

srg gk…DM kemahalan

It’s prefered that you keep discussions in English. Most of the people will not understand Indonesian here, so please do type in English.

or at least PM but dont make it public

Care to explain what someone sending you a Dark Magic has to do with 2A Style and/or Raiders?

Might just be time to keep the discussion in English and on-topic. Just some friendly advice.

Ok. I feel it’s time to use google translator:

Bad network connection

Something about Darkmagic, house and “you live in Indonesia too.”

Remind me never to use Google translator.

So what is he saying? To use the DM for 2a?

I think it is just about both living in Indonesia. But translator programs often miss a lot of words and don’t understand advanced grammar. the following sentence will be translated, copied and pasted from google translator:

“All members of the forum were very happy and nice until Samad ruined the mood.”

That was a lot better than I expected, let’s try a new one:

“DocRobot stock is always good and long-term records and is always helpful, kind and straightforward”

It was supposed to be: “DocRobot always makes long and good posts and is always helpful, kind and straightforward.”

This is when google translator starts to mess up sentences and grammar.

hes saying that he wants me to give him A DM for free since we both stay in indonesia but i dont even know him lol…

Can we get back on topic guys?