TMAN_PRINTS 3D Printed YoYos

Hey guys! I am working on some pretty sweet new printed yoyos that are different from ones in the past. Let me know what you think of these pics!

If you are interested in my ideas then consider following my Instagram!

let me know if you are curious about any of my designs and some of them will be available for you to print for free on my Printables


I’m surprised I wasn’t following you but I’ve seen these yo-yos before. I’m game to buy and print these designs. Following as well.

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Know this guy personally. He’s a great dude. I Also have played with all of his designs and prototypes. Honestly some of the best 3D printed yo-yos I’ve tried.


I just published my new 5A weight! Download the files for free here and try it out!

If you do make this I would love to hear your feedback so I could improve the design. Post pictures!


Counterweight design looks very cool!


Do you use a bead with this?

I printed it. It seems pretty cool it’s fun to fidget with

I feel like I need more mass so I’ll have to bump up the infill


I would use a bead personally. The previous version was a little too small of a hole and it was hard to get the string through. I decided to make it use a bead but be easy to attach.

I bumped the perimeters to like 20 when slicing to make it fully filled.


Going to start making custom yoyos for people! These are some of my first from what I am calling the custom shop and there will be more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I hope to release a new design every 3 months and the top picture will be released on the 31st.