Titanium, g2, smashing, 2sick and more! Help me out I need to sell some throws!

Yo-yos for sale prices shipped conus PayPal f&f thanks! Listed left to right top to bottom look at first pic rotated left 90 degrees

G2 Luna cherry bomb taken out once and put back in box $85
Yoyo friends titanium sunbird has a few marks fingernail vibe $130
2sick enpassant throw this Ed $35
Mk1 exia dark green with rainbow rims SOLD
Smashing spectacle $75
G2 carbine 1st proto I believe sold
Yyf mvp 2or 3 $20 or $15 add on
G2 ti triton 1st run proto has marks nothing deep when polished turns a purple hue instead of a gray brown SOLD
Sf motive beta I believe $60
Freshly dirty vhs got new didn’t play it much SOLD
Yyf bimetal $20
G2 herdsman glitch $70
Tp st Elmo $50
Crucial whole milk has marks not dings $35
Pdx batsquatch $80
Slam dunk rainbow rims SOLD
Riverbay savage bimetal protoSOLD
Sf ceasefire $100
Base camp expedition $55
G2 brasshee SOLD
Tiger driver $20
Yyf cezchpoint $25
Wooden yoyo with cabal guts $50
Duncan freehand one c bearing $40

More info and pics on request thanks for looking


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I want that Ti Triton, here’s hoping I can sell my Wii U quick.


Where were you a few months ago when I wanted to trade for a Wii U!!


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