Throwing at Iron Horse Vineyards in Sebastopol, CA

Hey guys I work as a Sommelier for the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay & went to do some “work-related research” (aka tasting wines with my friends) today. I like to take my yo-yo with me because I find the sunshine and vineyards to be perfect for a little throwing. Shot a video and wanted to share it! Nothing you guys haven’t seen before, Superman into Rancid Milk, but a fun video nonetheless!



Haha, if I could afford to eat there, I’d stop by :wink:

Well done, after all that “research” not sure I could come close to doing anything like that

I remember when I when on a “trip” and ate there. Had a stomache ache the rest of the way back home. Great chef though. :smiley:

Nice! Please add this to my “Show Us Where You’re Throwing" thread.