Throwers subreddit?

How many of you on this forum are on subreddit Throwers?

raises hand

Haha, I’ve been subbed on there for quite a while. ;D



Andre’s AMA is next Friday, so thats one neat person who will be on both sites for at least that day!

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Are your usernames same as here on subreddit throwers or are they different? Mine is ParvarSingh.

I partake in the weirder subreddits

The thing i like the most is that it’s not YYE-sponsored. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing wrong with YYE or the fact that they sponsor this forum itself, but it’s refreshing to be able to talk about and link to different stores aswell. For instance, if you’re looking for where to find a spesific throw that YYE doesn’t have in stock.
And it’s refreshing to be able to write a curse word without being immediately corrected.

I like how the users are more mature, but hate how I always have questions on my frontpage.

I can see that… though I do like when I see one and say “Oh wait, I totally know the answer to this one!”

I think that’s probably a side-effect of it being more mature, overall… folks feel safer asking a lot of questions, because they’re way more likely to get a good answer. Not a bad problem to have I suppose.

I could probably answer all of them, but someone else always does first.