Any throwers in NC? I might start a club.




There is a club in huntersville that I know of


Learning express of huntersville. I also live in NC :)!

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There are currently 2 clubs in North Carolina.

Ed’s club out at LEarning Express in Huntersville. Out by Charolette

Northern NC YoYo Alliance started by Hippo Samurai, Mr yoyoguy and I. It’s in Chapel Hill, which is about 30 min Northeast of Raleigh.

Pick whichever one is closer to you.


And if they aren’t close :P.


Where in Chappel Hill?? I live very close to Chappell Hill.

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Website link

Search this on google maps
University Mall, South Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

We meet Sundays from 2-5, but not every Sunday.  We try to make it every last Sunday of the month so that we get at least one meet per month.  Other times, we just have the club if there are enough people.  Check these pages for updates.

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Anybody near Greensboro ? :wink:

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I think mr. yoyoguy kinda is, but not sure. You can come to the club, It isn’t that far away from Greensboro. It’s only a little further away than Wake Forest, which is where I am.


I have work on Sundays @ 3 so i can’t make either club :frowning:

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Oh, that’s too bad.


That sucks. Anyone that can go, you really should come. It’s fun.


Well any one coming thru or visiting Greensboro let me know… I work right beside of Interstate 40 and could always have more yoyo related friends :wink:


I might come to that club in Huntersville, I have friends that yoyo, I just can’t be with them everyday or once a week.


If there is anyone in the WNC area that wants to start a club or knows of one please pm me. I’ve only met a few throwers in my area but have not heard of any clubs. I live in Asheville and don’t really wanna drive two hours to charlotte or knoxville TN just for a meet.


Slade Riggs is in NC I believe.

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Yes, but he is all the way by the coast.


Hey crammitfrog I live in Asheville too and I can’t find anything for clubs near here at all


Hey, I’m a relatively new thrower in Wilmington, NC, and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was anyone else down around my area?