Throwers in MD?

Any throwers in Maryland?

the capital yoyo club commutes in alexandria you talk to members at their thread

your talking to one right now CMDR Reservoir and I got to the eldersburg yoyo club in MD lots of fun! Some more yoyoers in MD are yoyo avenger, ghost8982, jomo 5ironbrain, and shadix. Shadix has bin trying to get to the eldersburg yoyo club meeting lately but he can’t get a ride. On the other hand ghost and jomo go to the capital yoyo club so you could say there is quite a diversity of yoyoers. Yoyo avenger on the other hand has bin thinking about coming to the eldersburg yoyo club meeting. ;D hope this gives you a bit more of an idea of the yoyoers in Maryland! Also to give you just a little bit more info the eldersburg yoyo club next’s meeting is December 11th at 7 to 8 pm at eldersburg library! ;D

wow, thanks. I don’t know if I can come, but I’ll check :slight_smile:

you should it’s lots of fun! for more info check out the forum.


Capitol throwers is where it’s at! I’m in MD. Legyoyo is in MD I think as well!

Yay! More MD yoyoers I can add to the list I’m organizing!!

I’m in the Rockville Area anybody else

Laurel, MD

I’m over near mount airy MD over here!

Right round you. Chevy Chase/Bethesda

Yay! someone remembers me! yes I’m in Salisbury MD. If you look on my profile it’ll have where.