Throwbot Art!

So I’m having all of these ideas pop into my head a lot about ThrowBot stuf so I made some tight side cap art for my BDM. Check it out.

More to come (maybe some throwbot string…)!

Where’s the art?

My computer’s weird so I had to put it on tinypic and it screwed up the first time.

The picture around the yoyo gap! Can you see it? Cool art work on your yoyo yoyofreak. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

PS: Is yoyofr3ak is JD? JD created his website:

No, it’s not JD. I’ve seen yoyofr3aks videos.

If you want I can try to make 100 poly strings the way I make Elements, those could be throwbot strings, lets talk about it.

I can make string too

I cant. :cry:

Just to clear something up, I printed the robot out on google. I’m not THAT talented.

Yeah the picture wasn’t there when I posted.