Threadz ain't dead.

I just haven’t had time to make string lately.  I’m going to put my videos on hold for a little while (maybe only one a month) and make string.  So here’s a lttle preview of me using it.

Dangg! Very nice! I love your style and how smooth ur tricks go together.

Yo… Let me get some complementary string. If I like what I get I’ll order more.

whatever happened to please

lol, I cracked up when you didn’t look down at the strings. You were just staring at the camera, and it was kinda creepy, but hilarious! ;D

such intensity in your face, remember to smile occasionally

Lol, I was doing kinda what ballerwithskillz did in his new video. Check it out on youtube, it’s aweosme.

whats the song. I love this vid. It is one of my favorites.

It’s Without Me by Eminem.


Just a cool minivid, thanks dude.

ain’t a word

You scary… :stuck_out_tongue: