Thinking about making a top

I have a lathe and the skills. I’m good with designing yoyo’s by knowing where the weight should be. For a top however that’s a different animal.

I was wondering if anyone knows where the weight should be? My guess would be a good bit at the tip and then a bit more around the widest part towards the top. Am I right?

Most spintops with a crown have the center of mass slightly below the widest part. If you hollow it, leave some weight at the tip.

Thanks Ta0. I knew I wad close. Just wasn’t sure. I gave all the aluminum I can handle and some machinable plastic such as teflon. This could get interesting.

Definitely need tip weight, or bottom weight to balance out any rim weight.

if you want a tester, i’m only an hour and a half south

Heh I know Steven…

If I do this they will all be hand made. Not even sure if it’s stupid to make any but I’ll try at least one. If it’s good then Maybe I’ll make more. First one will tell.

I could also test :wink: (JK, if steven tests, he will most likely bring it to the meet I should hope :))

After all, i know there is something of mine that you have. :smiley:

I really should get a spin top. My freind gave me one but, its so odd, and unlike the actual tops i see around here (and it functions as a yoyo too, hybrids, yuk, a yoyoer i know said it was an insult to spin tops :)).

Good luck with that Icthus!if anyone can do it, you can!