The worlds yoyo

Is there a name for this little red yoyo i brought home from worlds? I just call it the worlds yoyo…

Were gonna need to know more details on the yoyo. Cause lots of yoyos are little and red.

~James Reed

He means the Yoyo you got when you pre-registered.

Taking suggestions for a name and appreciating any feedback on it ;D

Pretty sure its a yyf replay

The Replay is plastic.

Ben said that it was made specially for worlds and YYF’s site just said that it was the Special Edition yoyo for worlds 2010.

Personally, I like “The Atlas” or something like that, something small and powerful… how about the Velocity Raptor? Yes? No? Better ideas?

EPICness ;D

Yeah, that’s a good name and would go with that throw.

I think you should call it the World Tour

the organizers just called it the “worlds 2010 edition special edition” ;D

Worldstar? (see what i did there?)


I agree.


redstar is Cool, but what if there is a Blue Colored One? The it would be a Blue Redstar

i think if theres any name for it, it won’t be the ‘worlds 2010 edition special edition’ anymore.
people may want another run of it… :smiley:

The name of the yoyo is up to yoyofactory, not you. As of now it if officially “The Worlds 2010 Special Edition YoYo” like it or not.