The World of Worlds: Clip Video Retrospective Event


As we all know, this year is the final year that the World Yo-Yo Contest is being hosted in Orlando, Florida. Since 2001, yo-yoers from around the world have gathered at the Rosen Plaza Grand Ballroom for one crazy weekend in the beginning of every August.

I myself have been going to the contest since 2006. This year, I’m pleased to announce that I will be hosting an event in commemoration of the decade+ that the Rosen has been home for the yo-yo community.

“The World of Worlds” is a public screening event that will take place late on Thursday night (and possibly Friday night as well). I have amassed a plethora of clip videos and never-before-seen footage from every year of the modern WYYC, and I will be presenting a selection in one of the salons.

Come and see how the contest hall looked before they replaced the carpet!
Younger faces and old skool tricks!
Whether you’re a veteran thrower or a just a noob, all are invited!

Hope to see you there!


Sounds awesome! I’ll be there!


Awesome TAB!


Dude I need 4 seats in the front row reserved !


Just to clarify, this event will actually be on Friday night only, not Thursday. Beginning around 11pm, after freestyles are done.