The Winning Bird by C3 YoYo Design | a Review

C3 YoYoDesign has been pretty busy. Hot off the heels of an already incredible line and the jaw dropping DarkStar, C3 went a completely different direction in design with the Winning Bird. This yo-yo has a different look than previous C3 releases, which have mostly held to a curvy, corner free look. It may be that C3 has a bigger market presence overseas, but it just seemed like this yo-yo came out of nowhere. All of the sudden we have this beautiful yo-yo with an incredible anno job that just seemed to… appear. A friend of mine sent me the Winning Bird as a gift and right away I knew I had something special. Join me as I review the C3 YoYo Design Winning Bird and try to resist the urge to crack a Charlie Sheen joke.