THE UNOFFICIAL: how to make yoyo string

sorry for bad quality



because he’s mad i through him off my team for a bad additude and now he says my string sucks and while he was on my team he always said how good they where

It’s not cool to put in your siggy ignore what yoyoandrew says, why not talk to him. And I have never heard him say anthing about your string, do you have proof? If he really did do what you say, you should talk it out and maybe get the mods involved if he is talking bad about your string. And also, this is the wrong section… :-\

Respectfully, James Reed

If this matter is personal. I don’t think it’s right to brag about it to everyone.
I guess it will be better for you to talk to yoyoandrew personaly, like james said.

Wrong section, i like it though.

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i tried to talk to him and… he flipped out

bump if you want to know how to make a string

i think xela did a good video on how to make string too.

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nice video bad quality. (you already know that though)