The (un)Offical Freehand showoff thread!


This thread is basicly to show off any kind of FreeHand yo-yo (I mean FH1, FH2, FHZ ect.).

Try to make them as artistic as possible.

Be sure to include what you have done to it (Mod it or what not).

I will take pictures later when my FH2 and others when it gets here.


Not artistic but whatever.

(SR) #3

I like the clear one and the last one. Cool by the way!


I say if you don’t have a FH pic then you don’t post in this thread. This way every post has a yoyo in it!
Cali! Shame on you. You shouldn’t be letting that IM II in this thread! Shame shame.

Here is one of mine. Its a little modded. It’s a clear FH0.


You’re right Icky, I shouldn’t disrespect Kyo like that…

(SR) #6

Awesome yo-yo!