The Tale of TheSqwig


Hello everyone, I am TheSqwig, and here is my story.

Back around 2005 or 2006 I used to throw. I wasn’t very good, could only do the basic stuff. Had my trapeze lacerations down solid, suicides were hit or miss, and just barley scratched the surface on the world of whips. My favorite throw was the Dark Magic (original). I threw seriously for several months, and my interest faded over the duration of the year. However, during my time as a yoer, I got my little brother interested and he has been playing since.

Now let it be known that I am in the military, and part of that is something we like to call “leave.” Leave is when you get to take time off and go home to visit your family. Well, last month I took leave and flew my butt home. One night, after consuming a few adult beverages, I looked over and saw my brothers yoyo laying out. I wasn’t sure what kind it was at the time, but after looking online some, I am fairly certain it was a Code1 or Code2. In a few seconds flat that baby was on my finger and it was off to the races.

I couldn’t believe how much fun it was! I totally forgot how much I loved to throw. Better yet…I still had it! For the most part that is. Now im sitting here with 2 yoyos in the mail heading my way. I ordered a lyn fury (used to love it back then) and an Ann Whip (looks like its got bang for the buck). Also picked my self up 100 poly strings and yyj thin lube. Should be here in the middle of the week sometime and the anticipation is killing me! Thanks for reading, and I’m happy to be back. ;D

~Sqwig Out


Cool story bro. :smiley:


Want me to tell it again? Haha only kidding


Would this be “welcome” or “welcome back”?

Either way, glad to hear your story!


Your brother might be on this forum then lol.


Never thought of that actually…now I’m curious!

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Awesome! Welcome to the forums! Don’t stop throwing… :smiley:

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