The Shawn Exploder Photo Contest!

The Shawn Exploder is a new signature yo-yo for Shawn Garcia (aka @yotoyimages) and is released by Doctor Popular Toys & Games. The yo-yo was designed to look great in photos, so we decided to do a photo contest!

What we are looking for:
Our judges, Jordan Riley and Nate Martsolf, will help us pick a winner. Show off your photography skills by taking a great photo of your Shawn Exploder. Whether it’s a high speed action shoot or a well lit studio shoot, we can’t wait to see what you share.

Submit Your Photo:
Once your photo is taken there are two ways to share it:
On Instagram with #ShawnExploder tagged in the description (if it’s not tagged we can’t find it!)
On the YoYoExpert Forums right here in this thread!

The Rules & How to Win:
There must be a Shawn Exploder yo-yo in the photo.
You must share before the deadline (August 31st, 2021).
Limit 3 entries per person.
After the deadline on August 31st our judges will select the winner.

The Grand Prize:
The winner of the Shawn Exploder Photo Contest will win a special edition Shawn Exploder in a dark green color. This is a one of a kind SE colorway.

But Wait There’s More
Along with the photo contest, one lucky winner will randomly be selected to win a $50 Gift Certificate at


If you picked up a Shawn Exploder, this is just a friendly reminder to share your best photo of it with the #ShawnExploder tag on IG. I know this can sound intimidating, but we actually don’t have a lot of entries, so your odds aren’t too bad at the moment. Plus we’ll be giving away a $50 YYE gift certificate to one random photographer.


I just ordered a red fade. Let’s hope I get lucky with the international shipping so I can enter the contest.


My 1st entry with my Blackout Shawn Exploder, B&W “The Dust is Real”



:crossed_fingers: :grin:


These are wonderful photos! Can you also post a copy on Instagram too with the #shawnexploder tag? That’s were we’ll be looking for all the entries.


Here are my 3 entries :slight_smile: Ill be posting them on insta shortly and tagging you both


Thanks for all the entries. I’m proud to announce the winners of the Shawn Exploder photography contest. …
But first I wanted to say thanks to our two judge; Nate Martsolf (@g2nate84) and Jordan Riley (@kendamagotchi).

The winner of best photo goes to @Aces_Throwsayoyo:

And the winner of the random giveaway is @EF.n.YOYO

Aces wins a one-of-a-kind forrest green Shawn Exploder and EF.n wins a $50 gift certificate at YoYoExpert.


Hey congrats @Aces_Throwsayoyo, awesome shot. Love your photos brotha. Right on to @DocPop, Nate@g2nate84, Jordan@kendamagotchi, and @YoYoExpert for doing this. I had hella fun with this shot. Really enjoyed seeing all the entries.


Congrats to you both. I’m glad you were picked randomly, because your two photos were tied in my opinion. The Darth Vader choke hold is too good!!


Thanks brotha.:pray: