The secret art of the red triangle Double Green Triangle

I have heard people mention the idea of landing a double green triangle directly from a red triangle suicide before, but its a really underrated trick in my opinion. I don’t really see any videos of people doing it here, or on Instagram. But I’d like to fix that!

Just recently, I put my own “spin” on it. Check it out:


This is the 6th time I’ve watched your insanity! I’d ask for a tutorial but I’d probably need 2 more tuts just to understand that one! This is amazing!


fire bud


Nice! Reminds me of my Mango Flip.

Wow, it’s been eight years already… :neutral_face:


Thanks so much man! I could certainly make a tutorial. The main trick is getting that double rotation from a snap. That can be pretty finicky. But you can get it for sure!

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Thats really cool! I wish more people would do that element.

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