The Orlando Yo-Yo Club. Meets every Monday 5-7pm

Hey everybody in and around the Greater Orlando, Florida areas!!

Just wanted to put the word out that there is a YoYo Club in Orlando, Fl.

Comic Connection, located close to Sea World has agreed to host this first meet. It isn’t the biggest space ever, but I think it’ll be a good start. The time to meet is roughly 5pm to 7pm and the address is below as well.

Please respond if you are at all interested and also please add some feedback! This will be a great opportunity for players in the area to hang out with like-minded folks!

I really want to get an idea of who wants to come or who will be there so we know what to expect.

Let’s do this!

New Year-New Club!

Where: Comic Connection
5328 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando, FL 32821
(407) 238-1303
(facebook page)

When: Every Monday

***PM me for any further details, questions, or photos of the location.

This is tomorrow, anybody on here going?

This coming Monday again at Comic Connection in Orlando, just minutes away from Sea World, there will be a meet of yoyo players. Everyone’s invited! Monday January, 14. 5pm-7pm. Post here for more info!

Last week about 10 people attended hoping for the same or possibly a few more.

Any ideas for a fun contest at the meet?

The meet is now on Tuesday the 15th.

Just a reminder on tonight’s meet in Orlando Florida!

5-7pm tonight Tuesday January 15th at:

    Comic Connection 
    5328 Central Florida Parkway
          Orlando, FL 32821
          (407) 238-1303

Orlando Meet and 1 min. Freestyle contest this Tuesday January 22.


Comic Connection
5328 Central Florida Parkway
Orlando, FL 32821
(407) 238-1303

***Winner gets a pair of MIB Duncan Pro Z yo-yo’s

Hey everybody! Where all in Florida are you we should arrange some traveling meets sometime!

There will be another meet up tomorrow February 5th in Orlando at Comic Connection 5-7pm.

We’re getting a good little crew so come join in! We’re just a few blocks from Sea World!

The Orlando Yo-yo Club.

This Tuesday Feb 12. will be the final meet at Comic Connection in Orlando before the Florida State contest.

A couple members did a demo and taught beginners last Thursday at a local elementary school, so there may be some new players coming to learn as well.

Please join us again from 5-7 Tuesday Feb. 12 @Comic Connection

5328 Central Florida Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32821

Meet tomorrow(Tuesday) in Orlando, same place as stated above.

Comic Connection from 5-7

Meeting this Monday February, 25. Comic Connection from 5-7pm. Located on Central Florida Pkwy just past Sea World in the Publix shopping plaza.

Come on out and meet some of Orlando’s yoyo people!

When is the next one?

As of right now the Orlando Yoyo Club is meeting on Mondays 5-7. Be sure to check out the Orlando Yoyo club Facebook page!

You can also pm me for more info.

Meet this Monday march 11 at comic connection in Orlando! Be there!!!

Be sure to get over to comic connection in Orlando tonight from 5-7! The Orlando Yoyo club is meeting again!

Question: will you be there?!

Question 2: are there no throwers from Florida on the YYE forums?

I just seen this post today, but I had a family reunion Saturday anyway so I wouldn’t of been able to go anyway. I am down for the next one though. And I am not on the YYE forums cause I don’t know what YYE is. lol

Orlando Yoyo club will be meeting this Monday April 1.

See i want to come, you have no idea. but here is my issue. I work in Casselberry until 6 on Mondays. So to drive all the way across town with i-4 after work traffic i will be pulling in at 7. If that is a hard 5-7 then i shouldn’t try but if y’all stay late some times def let me know cause i would love to meet some like-minded people. It sucks getting excited cause i learned a new trick or finally figured something out and there is no one to share my excitement with.

Orlando yoyo club is meeting tonite near sea world in Orlando, read the thread for an address or pm me!

going to orlando with my dad because of his meeting. my whole familys coming. it will probably be next weekend. might be able to go if its on monday. hopefully

Orlando meet again this Monday May 20th at Comic Connection in Orlando! Come check it out!