The offical Stuffy Bunny Brigade Yo-Yo club thread

So far members: Me, Crosswhite,HVizier, yoyotig3r
Founders: Me, Crosswhite

Louisiana Yo-Yo Club!
If you’re in Mississipi you’re welcome too!
Bold is current meeting plans.
We are now talking about meeting up on Monday the 6th at the Mall of Louisiana because it is National Yo-Yo Day!

lol stuffy bunny brigade…but yeah guys we met up over the weekend. Hit us up we had a lot of fun,me and you have such different style we learned a lot from each other. Would love for as many people as possible to show up. We can make set dates and times once we have a few more people interested. Hey Mississippi people, or anyone close for that matter, are welcome to come meet up with us as well.

                                  -Justin Crosswhite

i will be the next member i will teach me cosin so he can go as well

VsNYYC is located 45 minutes from Baton Rouge :slight_smile:

lol jose. we are in FLA not NOLA

i go to nola for months dude

ill be in the stuffy bunny brigade for 6 days :stuck_out_tongue:

PS, Cameron, could you send me your phone num? just in case i get some free time in NOLA, i may be able to meet up with you and throw.

So heath I’m 45 from the be too. Hammond. Where u at probly opposite direction laffeyette? Gonzales? We need to hook up sometime bro.

Im in metairie, can i join?

Yup Yup. 8)

Kewl :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

my phone is broken as of now =/ but im going to try and get one tomorrow

cool :slight_smile:

can i have an honorary membership? im going to be there for 6 days, entertaining the locals :smiley:

Temporary Membership… 8)