The Lost Duncan iPhone Wallpapers

Well, I found these wallpapers in Cydia and the package didn’t work. They look really sweet so I really wanted them. I looked on the web and no good, the guy who made it (Brandon Jackson I think) uploaded it to a site and it expired. Then he uploaded it to Duncan and Duncan’s site didn’t work. So I SSHed my iPhone found the walls and got the images out.

This is the original site:

Here’s the download:


Heres the entire Zip File containing the wallpapers and Ringtones!

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That’s awesome - thanks!


Awesome! You found a working link for the original file. I did a bunch of searches but only found 2 links and they both didn’t work. Thanks!

That’s awesome!

I just re uploaded the original zip file to MY server. The Duncan link still works for me.