The Local Scene

Hey folks! I just posted another video blog talking about developing and supporting the local scene, would love your comments and opinions on the post :slight_smile:

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I liked that video. :smiley:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Great advice. But how would someone like me (a 14 year old high schooler) get a place to have this club at, I mean I know 2 other people who would be interested, but I can’t really do that much, any advice?

When I was in high school we simply had a club meeting after school; we had to get a teacher on board to be a mentor/club advisor. Additionally they asked us to file an application to the student body board. It wasn’t hard to get it a green light; finding a mentor/advisor however was a little more difficult.

Right now the Emmett Yo-Yo Club meets at the local Rec. Center. You could look into that if you have a local one (or a YMCA). Alternatively many restaurants have meeting rooms (think pizzerias) that you can reserve. Some will do it for free because you’ll be buying food from them, some will ask for you to pay a monthly fee. If you go this route (which would be good because the food would draw in more people) try and find a free venue.