The Legendary CLYW CHIEF is Back!


CLYW is a company on a mission to combine amazing yo-yo design with art. Each product they make is a true masterpiece and you can tell from the first throw what an amazing amount of work went into it. With the Chief it really does set a new level of expectation for just how good a professional yo-yo should play.

The focus on this new design from CLYW is all about freestyle play, extreme spin, and a real cutting edge look. Every aspect was carefully thought out and it is in our opinion one of the best freestyle yo-yos to date from any company!

One of the more unique aspects is how weight is focused inside the yo-yo underneath the rim. An extra inner groove was carefully machined bringing rim weight out while focusing it closer to the center of the yo-yo. This definitely gives it a truly one of a kind look and feel.


What the price on this?

(InvaderDust) #3



When they release it for less than $100, I’ll buy one.


Their throws are always twice the price they should be.


They’re exactly the price they should be, because that’s the price they are.

I’d like a new snowboard this year. I don’t complain that the one I want should be half the price, and I certainly don’t insult the manufacturer by claiming it’s not worth the price. I either bite the bullet and get what I want or purchase something in a lower price range.


If you read my post and think rationally, there was not a hint of insult offered, nor was it intended.


I’d love to throw one, but I can’t afford to buy one just to see how plays…


That is why I love trading yoyos so much! There is no way I could have afforded all of the yoyos I have traded for over these last months (about 65 yoyos circulated). It lets you try so many, for so much less money. Sure, I don’t own them all when I’m done, but I have learned what I like and don’t about yoyos.

These look pretty great, especially that orange color!


Yeah, that orange color is attractive (and sold out). If could buy that’s what I would have wanted.

I love my Scout and I’m really curious how the Chief compares.

Is it weird that I’m willing to give away throws but can’t let go of anything to trade?!? Haha!

I don’t always ding my expensive throws, but when I do, I just throw them again! :wink:


The Chief is one of my favorite throws. That’s why I have three and have one with me every day.

Here is a little mashup of them I did.


That’s different.

I don’t always ding my expensive throws, but when I do, I just throw them again! :wink:


It’s a picture app called layout. I was just playing around with it and ended up with that. Thought it was interesting and I’d share it.