The Flyer by Chico Yo-Yo Company | A Review

(Chris Allen) #1

When I was a kid, I used to get really weird and scary dreams about movies. The weird part is that these movies were not the type that would normally scare someone. A perfect example was Flight of the Navigator. That movie scarred the bejebus out of me. Kid plays in woods, falls down, wakes up 8 years later and finds out he was actually abducted by aliens who sound like PeeWee Herman. This is the stuff of nightmares. Or Neverending Story, when the kid has to walk in between giant SheSpinxes statues who determine if the traveler is able to “feel his own worth”. Most ridiculously, the movie The Wiz had a scene in the Yellow Brick Subway with a crazy puppeteer, demented trash can monsters that would piranha frenzy you and then there are the column monsters… The freaking subway support columns broke away from the mountings and chase you down, live wire sparks and all. To this day that scene from the Wiz haunts me.
For my birthday last August, my good friends at Chico Yo-Yo Company gave me a brand spanking new Flyer. I had played the proto up in Chico a few months prior and remembered likening it. That night I had a dream that was most likely the combination of exhaustion, too many burgers, and the second slice of cake. I was testing the Flyer, but every time I went to throw, something went wrong. The phone rang, a knock at the door, my daughter crying for help, the power going out, the Flyer bearing teach and biting me. At one point I was convinced that my hands were missing. It was an anxiety cluster dream that woke me up in a cold sweat. 2am, I walk into my home office, take the Flyer off my “To be Reviewed” shelf and give it a throw. I had to make sure. Ever since, the Flyer has made me sweat just a bit everytime I look at it., just a click away for the rest of the review