The Del Toro by Chico Yo-Yo Company |

You know what is better then testing a yo-yo designed by Chico’s best yo-yo powerhouses? Testing a yo-yo designed by Chico’s best yo-yo powerhouses at Disneyland. A few weeks ago Thad Winzenz sent to the Del Toro and the Route 66 on loan for review, and from Monday to Thursday, the Del Toro was my one and only throw as I waited in long attraction lines around the Disneyland resort. Screaming children stopped in their tracks, Yuggles watched thankfully for some in line entertainment, costumed cast members flocked to me to pose for pictures, and I solved the time travel dilemma by dividing by zero… Okay, so ONE of those things didn’t happen, but I am not saying which one. Its your kids Marty, something has got to be done about your kids! Oh, and also the Del Toro review.
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