The Fixed Axle Megathread of Awesomeness

Dude, what are you talking about?!?! That was sweet! Obviously you are becoming senile in yooldage. ;D

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That was… awesome!!! The suicides! The Brent Stole! The stalls! The regen!

I gotta step up my game here.

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@yooldman that was nice. Loved that lunar after the suicides.

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I replaced my metal axle with wood in my butterfly, and WOW! My sleep times tripled, response is perfect, vibe is minimal… I love this thing.

What’s the longest lasting string for fixed axle that you guys use? Also, is the Fremont a good fixie for beginners and advanced players?

the type 10 cotton i have lasts 2-3 times longer than any type 8 i’be used. i get about 20m out of type 8 with tmbr or a no jive.

this week’s fixed friday was all about buckets. i was pretty stoked about the last few tricks.

also last week, i did a little clip vid rocking some tmbrs. i’m sure some of you saw it, so apologies for the redundancy.


Just because…

The Fremont isn’t going to be as easy to land on the string compared to a Lovejoy due to narrower catch zone, but the high walls help ensure higher response and make stall catches easier to keep from flopping off the string. If you are accurate enough you can still land a brent stole or suicides, etc. A wider catch zone is better for string tricks, but a narrower catch zone is better for stalls. There are tradeoffs either way.

I prefer type 10 cotton that YYE sells.

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Have fallen out of fixie play but want to get back on the train. Got my good ol’ Irving (Best fixie ever made) and a pack of cotton. Let’s do this.

not sure if instagram vids embed on yoyoexpert, but here’s a lil’ combo. no string hits!

“pocketwatch with extra pocket”

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That was the best victory dance ever.


more short tricks with the imperial! pinwheel to shoot the moon is my jam

does anybody have any requests for this week’s fixed friday? tricks you wanna see, concepts you wanna learn, whatevs!

This week has been very interesting as I have been playing 95% left hand alone. I was pretty lost at first, but after a few knuckle smashes I was right at home. Playing left handed opened up some new tricks and concepts because I couldn’t even do my normal tricks at first and this forced me to be creative. Fast forward a week, and I’m really enjoying this. Overall there is a lot of slop and repetition in this video and you shouldn’t expect anything amazing. Its my left hand after all and I’m not left hand dominant.

I don’t know if the lunar landing at 25 seconds has a specific name due to the orientation that it is caught, but I hope not because I’ve been calling it Darksided Lunar as it lands on the other side, blocking vision of it. I was pretty happy with that one and the name.

About the weird way I have my right arm situated through a lot of it. I couldn’t straighten my right arm out without consequences really until today so it looks like I’m a teapot pouring tea sometimes, and other times just holding it bent all weird.

i feel you, SB! it’s super fun learning things with your left hand… well, it’s super frustrating for the first hour, but when you start to actually hit stuff it really rules. i firmly believe that playing with your wrong hand makes you way better at playing with your right hand just because it makes you comfortable with motions you wouldn’t do otherwise and then you can integrate those into your normal play and everything’s all groovy.

this week’s got some weird ones. check it out!
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So I’ve gone almost a week using only a Duncan Imperial. This has possibly been the most fun week I’ve had yoyoing ever. Looking forward to getting my butterflies!

Great stuff, Drew!

I plan on learning that offhand loop warp stat. It looks good and I really enjoy mixing the looping in to keep a flow going, generating some momentum/spin and for transitions, etc.

Really diggin that pinwheel/shoot the moon/behind the head stall catch.

That heelflip suicide is sweet! I’ve been attempting it without success. I will have to try it from the gorilla-style mount.

Love the 180 shoot the moon catch!

I understand the use the slow motion to make video fit the song. That’s the reason at least half of the footage was included in my last vid. :-[ Used a little gratuitous slow motion as well.

Thanks for sharing.

@Hendy It really is amazing how fun and rewarding it is. To me it feels like the slow country lifestyle vs the frenetic big city pace. Maybe a better comparison is American style juggling vs European style juggling whereas fixed axle play is more like European style where you interrupt rhythm and flow with stalls/regens and less predictability in patterns. Whatever it is, its a lot of fun.

Good stuff.  I’m sure I’ll always remember this as your teapot video.

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Has anyone else here come across the idea of a kickflip moebicide? It’s become my favorite trick lately and I’m just wondering if I’m the first to come up with it.

No, I’ve done that before. Also a crisis variation from a moedini stall.