The fixed axle "Circle" yo-yo by Unthinkable!


Let’s get this out of the way up front so there’s no confusion… Although the name is “Circle” this fixed axle yo-yo is anything but circular. This “Circle” is, in fact, a square.

Now I know what you’re going to say; “But YoYoExpert, isn’t squaring a circle impossible?”

No, it clearly is not. Sam Fiely, creator of this squared Circle, did it. So that’s that.

This yoyo was entirely designed, 3D printed, hand-sanded, and hand-tested by Sam. “Circle” was 3D printed in one piece, so it is not a take apart design, but that doesn’t stop it from being an amazingly fun and challenging fixed axle yo-yo! I mean just think about it, you’re throwing a square. And that square functions as a yo-yo, relatively well in fact!

Available in 3 colors; Gold (slightly shiny), Blue (Slightly not shiny), and Clear-ish (slightly clear). Whether your purchasing this yoyo to perform tricks, to add to your collection, or anything in between, you will be happy with this “Circle”!


So wait.
It is a circle then? Or it’s a square?
Basically what I’m asking is this square a circle?

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Did you not read the description? I think I made it pretty clear. It’s a circle.


Oh I’m sorry!
It’s just I’m a little confused. It’s a square Circle.


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You might have to try it to understand I guess. :large_blue_circle: + :yellow_circle: = :green_circle: so you’ll probably have to get 2.


yoyo + square = circle

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l love the name of this one!

However, throwing sidewinders or UFO type tricks… :thinking:

Actually, there’s quite a few tricks that wouldn’t work on this. Stalls included.

Stalls work pretty well as long as you keep everything lined up, mostly what I do with this one. You’re right that sidewinders are impossible though lol.

I have found kickflips to be really easy though, I think the narrow gap and square shape help keep the loop open.

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The corners don’t hit your fingers in stalls, stopping it from landing properly?

It’s a squircle!


With slight experience and some determination, you will be impressed by all of the tricks you can pull off with this yoyo!:+1:

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Not that I’ve noticed honestly, it’s definitely a little more challenging that a standard “non-square” or whatever you call them, but stalls seem like the “circle”’s bread and butter IMO.


Seen only now … fortunately.
Congratulations on the originality, especially in the name! :disappointed:


@Glenacius_K did you end up getting one?

I have looked at these for a while to add to my collection of strange yoyos. Alas I have officially cut my yoyo buying off for the moment and will have to ponder this sharply round throwing object for some time longer!

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