The Definitive Slacks And Whips Collection Part I

Next year I will make Part Two :slight_smile:

YoYo Used: One Drop YoYos Sovereign
String Used: yoyoGstring
Song Used: Fire Garden Suite by Steve Vai.

This video is just showing the beauty of slacks and whips and misc things in high speed. Featuring Variations of Jade Whips, Brent Stoles, Hidemasa Hooks, Follow, Revolutions, Iron Whips, Wrist Mounts and Much Much More…

Enjoy it took a little over 7 hrs to make this video from start to finish.


Good choice of music Brett. It turned out great.

Smooth, clean video dude. Gr8 job.
At 1:10 i was watching and lol.
FAIL sucess, FAIl sucsess FAIL SUCESS!!!
I could determine whioch one but obiously it was sucess
Lol sorry i am so sick today i can’t spell Success.