The BST Thread

A BST section here would not be a big problem. We just have to avoid trades cluttering up and scammers.

We have a defence against both of those here. All members of this forum is picky about old posts, so old trades would fly off very fast. And scammers always have a tell. I think that we will have no problem in filtering out scammers.

I really should not care about this, as I am no big fan of trading and I’m also in a very bad position of trading (geographicly). But I think that we will end up with a BST section no matter what, so I might as well point out that it will be no stress at all.

I vote no. It’s too risky. If there is a scammer, the whole community is broken up. If you check up the yoyonation, and look up “I’m sorry everyone” then you’ll see what I mean. One kid scammed, and you can see the whole nation taking sides, one saying not to harass him, he’s sorry, giving it back, and the other saying, he’s a scammer, he shouldn’t be here, he hasn’t given the items.etc.

So unless you want to risk breaking up our forum, then no.

The reason I joined was because there was no BST thread.

And, yet, the Nation seems to be doing fine?

Don’t want to see threads like that? Be somewhere with good forum moderation. Don’t be in an atmosphere where the profanity and insults can fly in all directions until it gets so bad that a moderator has to intervene.

I’m not saying anything implicitly negative about the Nation, I’m just stating the facts. This is the way they choose to have things, and that’s that. Pat can run things as he sees fit. Should you want to participate, understand that this is what you’ll have to deal with. You’ll be fine as long as you bear this in mind going in. Also understand that the BST forum has nothing to do with this.

I fail to see the connection between BST and a forum’s community falling apart, especially considering that it didn’t happen at the Nation. I’m not sure how you’re considering the conduct of the community, in an already emotional thread, as an indicator of said community sitting on the brink of dissolution.

Let’s also focus on the fact that the thread you’ve cited is probably the best example possible to illustrate what I meant when I said that it’s not just as simple as applying the banhammer. I said that things had to be handled carefully, and this thread (now that I’ve viewed it) is exactly to what I refer. I’m going to avoid speaking in more detail on the matter, as I’m not a moderator here nor there, and anything I say would be taken as critical or insulting by anyone at the Nation. I think I’ve probably already said more than I should have, frankly.

I will say that threads dealing with scammers should probably be limited to the scammer, the victim, and any party with potentially useful information. It should not be a “pile on the scammer free for all” as is the thread you’ve mentioned. If everyone and their mother can post in the thread, that’s fine. Just be ready for swift moderation. Of course, a good community of people seriously reduces the need for this. :wink:

Look, I’m not a card-carrying member of the “No Cussing Club” or anything, and I assure you I’m a different person IRL in contrast to the way you see me here. This isn’t to say I’m an jerk or anything. I’m a fairly cool cat, and most anyone that meets me gets along with me fine, regardless of what I’m saying or how I’m saying it. But I also understand that there’s a certain expectation of behavior when dealing with other people, especially on an internet forum like this. This becomes more important when the owner of said forum imposes rules on behavior, as is the case here. I can’t imagine that a thread like the one you’ve mentioned would exist here. It would be moderated into oblivion before things got even close to ugly.

Let’s say your guy was new to throwing, and asked a straight-up noob question. What are you gonna say to his face? How are you gonna act? Yeah, you might tease him a bit if you’re tight enough for that, but it’s not going to become complete noob bashing, is it? You’re not gonna drop language or disrespect and tell him to run home and Google it, right?

Being able to talk without repercussions (on the Internet) brings out the worst in some people. If you nip it in the bud quick, though, you prevent the inevitable foolishness it’s going to bring. The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t say things to people on a forum like this that you wouldn’t say to a complete stranger or homie, even, in real life. Not everyone follows this rule, as you well know. If they did, you wouldn’t need moderation at all.

Again, I state that folks are perhaps seeing other things they consider issues with the Nation that have nothing to do with it’s BST forum.

As Doc said but he apoligized but no one beleived him. We have a nice community and will forgive them. He said he will return the items, and later he did. And i dont think (No Offence) that you left cuz of the B/S/T if so, You never used it.


You need to have a whole new membership tier.
Members for the Trade section must have Paypal to verify name, phone number and address.
Minors must have parents permission.
When you start a trade you get all the users info.
Trades are public and can be monitored by any other member
Feedback must be left before trade is complete
Trade is not complete until both ends comfirm receipt of yo-yo
Trades are archived with a timeline that can be viewed so people can see the timeline (Trade started, shipped, received, feedback left, closed)
No more then 5 trades open at a time any user.

This is the only way to make it safe. Wow, I wonder if I could program that…

I didn’t like it. Trading.

Then don’t use it, I’m trying to be nice to other sites :wink:

Also, Heres Doc talking about scammer stuff- I think it’s Good


P.S. If you don’t like the Idea because you don’y want to trade-- Just use the other Topics.

Good God, man. You’re like the MacGuyver of the yo-yo hobby, you know that? Most of what you’re mentioning here is solid gold, and stuff I wouldn’t have thought of in a million years.

It would be a logistical nightmare to implement, I bet. But it would be hot.

Any programming you can’t handle, I can. ;D

I think you mean PepSuber/McGruber


Ahh, to be young!

No, sir, I meant MacGuyver. A fictional TV hero who used his brains and ingenuity to solve problems and get out of tight spots, as opposed to brute force or guns.

Edit: I might be too old. I’ve never heard of this, but it’s an obvious parody of the show. Which would suggest you knew what I was talking about. I’m a tool. Or you’re not familiar with awesome 80’s television programming. One of the two. ;D

I’m 16 and I love MacGuyver! I use to watch it all the time. I still do sometimes and I’m always puzzled by his ingenuity. ;D

I know it’s MacGyver… On Satuday Night Live (TV show) Thats a skit they do and I love it so I mentioned it.