Terra & Grain Theory?

Anyone have kendamas from either of these companies? Was just talking to someone and they were highly spoke of. What do you think of them? Are they still in business? I sent both of them emails a while back but still haven’t heard anything back.

They are great and still in business. GT is run by Matt Rice. He’s on the Facebook Yoyo BST group and also has a Grain Theory Instagram and Facebook.

They have some of the best looking kendamas available.

I LOVE ME SOME GRAIN THEORY. The lunar balance is excellent, and the quality is top notch. If you’re looking to get some GT kens there’s some going up for sale tomorrow at 3pm PST

Hey, I’m interested in GT as well! Alex, could you please pm me where these will be going on sale at? Thanks!


I know Alex and rod personally, and go to their shop every tuesday, and can guarantee they are the best dama company ever.

I’d love to get a GT, but it seems like kendama players scalp them far more than yoyo players scalp CLYW. Unless you’re lucky enough to get one direct, you’re paying at least double for one.

Played a gt at Terra today… Nothing special. Just an ordinary ken, and honestly the wormhole makes pulling up harder unless you only do Lunars.

I don’t use the worm hole at all. I just love them for their lunar balance, look, and feel. Lunars are my favorite tricks so pair one up with something tacky, and the combo will usually play like a dream. That’s how I have my 3 GTs set up