Team Red, Team Gray, Protostar Battle!!!


Hey guys!

Do you have a red or gray Protostar? If you do have one, join the battle!

Here how it works:

  • We will have any number of Protostar throwers, but it have to be even so two people can battle together, one battle each.

  • Each throwers must have a red or gray Protostar to join the battle.

  • There will be two teams (two groups), team red Protostar and team gray Protostar.

  • After you team up with other people, ask your opponent to battle.

  • You and your opponent must be in the same level of yoyoing skills.

  • Your video must be at least one minute.

  • After you’re done making a video, send it to me and tell me who are you gonna battle with in PM. Then, I’ll post it up with a poll in “yoyo video” section.

  • There will be no judges, all members of the forum can vote.

  • There will be 1A, 3A, 4A, and 5A division (2A don’t work for Protostars, lol). Just ask your opponent which division would he/she like.

  • Prizes? Nah, just have fun!

  • The dead line will be on the Valentine’s day/ Chinese New Year!

Don’t be afraid to join the battle! Questions or comments about the battle? Post it here or send me a message in PM.

Team Red:

  • Jump

  • Yokid5000

  • yoyofactorykb24

Team Gray:

  • Big Andrew

  • Adam

  • Paolo

  • Talidrummer

Happy Throwing! =]


I’m joining!

Go Team Red!

(JM) #3

I demand a 4A division! Even though I still can’t get video on here.


4A with your Prostar? ok…

Its easy to upload a video: Go to youtube, at the above of the comments click “share”, click “more sharing option”, then you can see the URL of the video, highlight the URL, click the right button of the mouse, click copy, then go to yoyoexpert forum to your post, click the right button of the mouse, click paste, then send it and you’re done!

If you want to join, tell me what color is your Prostar? Then I put you in the gray or red team.

Happy Throwing! =]


I’m almost positive J has an issue with either his computer, or video camera that hasn’t allowed him to get any footage online. He’s pretty tech savvy in general though.


Oh ok…

Happy Throwing! =]


what happen if u want a 3a battle but u have one red and grey
and I agree with JM


Uh, maybe you can be in both teams?

Ok, I’ll open the 4A division .

Happy Throwing! =]


I will join the red team.


omg…i will recieve my Protostar only on Thuesday :-[…i don’t think i will be ready until the Valentines…but if i will finish my movie until then, i join the Gray team ;D

(SR) #11

It’s ProTOstar. I would compete if my camera and computer would work! But it doesn’t. And I really do want to compete in this.

(Mark) #12

hahaha. Pro-To-Star :stuck_out_tongue: Just saw that.

(JM) #13

I guess I should have worded my conundrum a little better. I know how to post a video to this forum, but getting it onto youtube/vimeo/format it into a flash video just doesn’t seem to work. My webcam says that is saves video files in WMA format, but it lies. Doesn’t really matter, I’ll get a real camera one of these days.


OH! hahaha.

Thanks for telling me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]


Im up for grey!


Team Gray shall pwn.

I’ll join team gray. :slight_smile:


i hav a grey protostar count me in


my gray protostar just arrived:D…i’m in too ;)…but i don’t understand why it had such a bad vibe…it is not my throw…anybody have this problem with protostar?



On each side of the Protostar there is a little black arrow. When you screw it together make sure the arrows are pointing at each other.