Team name help

I have a team together but we are having trouble with a team name any help???

We yoyo together

El misterioso yoyo-o ( my fail at speaking spanish )

Team YO

You should call it “yoyojam”!

Oh wait, nevermind.

It used to be (YO)2 but there was a team that had it before us we we’re think like

My suggestions:
Yoyo Funtime
Yoyo joyously
Yoyo revolution
Super power yoyos
Yoyo entourage
“I” is greater than 3 yoyo
Done can

How about:

The Rockalfellers

Jamacian hopscotch mafia


Thanks guys ,we think


Did anybody at least see what I did there? (YYF, YYJ, YYR, SPYY, YYE, I<3YOYO, DUNCAN GEN-YO)

It was genius I tell you! genius! :smiley:

Very good lol I see it now

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Revolutionary throwers yoyo club ;D

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: LOL