Teaching to kids.

how long do you think a lesson should last? one hour and a half? I’m trying to create a project for teaching kids in a village.

I think it depends on the age of the kids. To me, an hour and a half seems pretty long, even though yoyo playing is fun. My local toy store that holds yoyo school has the entire ‘class time’ including trick testing, last for an hour. Of course, that entire time isn’t hard work focused on tricks, the students work on learning and sharing tricks as well as just enjoying being with other people who like to play yoyo.


My problem here is that i don’t know the kids age, and i expect a big range of ages. Also i presume teaching very short period of classes to completely starters yoyoing. :s

To my way of thinking 15 minutes is long enough for a class for a young child. After that just allow for play time for as long as it will last.

thank you very much! ;D U are very helpful

Introducing yoyoing to kids! Awesome!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Presentation, first impressions are everything when getting started. You need a performance, or activity that really hooks them. You have to sell it big time. When they really want to do it, getting them started will be much easier. I often use a funny presentation or activity that the kids can participate in, without knowing much about yoyos, to set the hook.

  2. Basics are a must but can kill enthusiasm. I found that mixing it with prizes or games helped a great deal.

  3. As far as time, just go with their attention span and try to quit a bit early while they’re excited so they will be anticipating the next get together.

  4. Your plan for each session should be well thought out but still flexible.

If you need any suggestions or help feel free to pm me.
Good luck!