******** tactic $40, pgm $18!, mfhz $12! Need these gone!! Dirt Cheap!********

I have a few yoyos that i NEED to sell therefor they are dirt cheap!

metal freehand zero- beat, just a tiny vibe, but a fun yoyo! 12 shipped!

Tactic - Mint Uber smooth no bearing 40 shipped!

Pgm some 5a marks but smooth 18$ shipped!

really need these gone!!!

would you trade a galactic goose for your genesis+10 bucks?


u shouldve traded ur genesis for a galactic goose plus the ten bucks, tht was a great offer

false i would have had to add the 10

well, galactic gooses are really good

i will take the genesis.

too late

Will you trade that PGM for anything here? ???http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,19332.0.html