Survey:Brand Loyalty...Results

Hey Guys!

First off, I want to thank you all for the assistance with my research paper :slight_smile:

The results were amazing! I only needed 10 people to respond to this, but I was like, Psh. This is the yoyo community, I can easily get like 50.

You guys blew me out of the water with 146 responses!
Sadly, I can only view 100 of them because thats the survey monkey policy, unless I pay them to view the other 46.

Here is the graph of the “Most loved brand”.

No surprise, CLYW was on top.
What I didn’t tell you is this, my paper is called “Brand Loyalty: CLYW”. As predicted, you guys proved my theory correct.

Thanks again!!



For the amount of time spent favoring the brand, you might want to make it a multiple choice, to make it easier to collate the data. Like… <1 month, 1-2 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 1-2 years, >2 years

Done, interesting questions by the way.

Can you add Monkey Finger Design please they are kinda of awesome and my favorite if not I will just use Other.

Edit just went with Other


I would adjust the questions, but I can’t because people have already taken the survey.


I didn’t add MFD because they’re not very popular. I listed companies who are increasingly popular lately.

Thanks to all who have already take it!

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


After you are done with this can you post the results/statistics of the survey?


I’ll take a snap shot of the ending results.

I have gotten great responses so far!

Thank you all, you are awesome! Keep it coming :slight_smile:


Some interesting questions. Curious to see if the correlation between questions is what I expect.

I was a little confused by the question relating cost/resale value to popularity. Were you trying to ask if throws are popular because of their high resale value or vice versa?

I was asking, Do you believe that a yoyo made by a specific brand automatically gives it a higher resale value, all due to brand.

Done. I hope to see the results.


Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:

I contributed as well Proboscis. I hope your project turns out great. :slight_smile:

Done. Great questions.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten great results.

I’ll post the results tomorrow.

You all are awesome. It’s great to see how helpful the yoyo community is :slight_smile: thanks!