So, I’m going to get a supernova. I don’t know what color to get. I might get a blue with gold splash or orange with a red acid wash. Please help!

it dosent matter what we think, its all up to you in what looks best :slight_smile:

if you really need to know i would go with blue and gold splash.

I just bought mine on Sunday and I chose Gray with Gold. I’d say go for that OR Blue with Gold. Either works. I honestly kinda wish I got the Blue…does anyone know if you can send it back for a color change? Just asking. :-\ Probably a stupid question. :-[

Did you hurt it?

If you e-mail whoever you got it from, I’m sure they’ll be fine with it. ;D

Actually I had bought it directly from the site, which is why I brought it up lol. I doubt they would, but I was just curious.