SUPER Cheap Metals

Hey all!

This is Augie Fash, your friendly neighborhood yoyo player.

I need some money for my trip to Poland next week, so I’m only going to list these yoyos at these cheap prices until Saturday.
If they don’t sell by then, I will take them down and they probably won’t be relisted.

If you find anything you like, just shoot me an email at
I’m only taking Paypal. All yoyos 6$ for shipping. Thanks for looking friends! :slight_smile:

Small bearing Skyline: 45$

This yoyo is mint, except for 1 tiny 2 mm scuff (I think it’s from moving around in my yoyo box). It’s barely noticeable and the yoyo is dead smooth. I love this color combo too.

Hope to hear from you soon!