Super 8


What do you all think about the movie Super 8. I loved it.


It was pretty cool. :slight_smile:


I really liked the first 2/3 of the movie, but it kinda dropped off from there.


Favorite scene? Mine was the train wreck. total epicness


That was pretty crazy. Every teenage girl was screaming during that part… =/


Were they screaming when the guy snatches the map out of their hands? I wasn’t expecting it at all.


Yeah they screamed at about every part. ::slight_smile:


I like the part where the monster rips off the head of some dude and slams it into the bus.

Wait… wrong movie.


Naw I think it’s the same movie.

(Jei Cheetah) #10

Overhyped mainstream following the trend money hounding fake cinema.


I see what you mean. Everything in that movie has been done before, but entertaining nonetheless.

Unfortunately almost every movie nowadays is a rehash of an older movie.

Jayyo, seen any good movies lately?

(M²) #12

I don’t know… There were parts that were more realistic than most movies have but some parts… I mean, the trainwreck was just a little dramatic don’t you think?


agreed but cool nun the less


Super 8 is a very well respected movie. Its JJ Abrams and Spielberg. I thought it had “great production value” ;D I really loved it. It was kind of like making a popcorn flick and magically taking most of the popcorn out somehow *and making it more classy. I also don’t think it was overhyped though IMDB users rated it a 7.4 and I would say thats exactly what it deserves if not better.

@Jayyo Whats your idea of a good film?




Jayyo always has a negative for my posts.


No, I’m talking about Predator |0| jk


He tends to always do that doesn’t he? I just really want to know what films he likes!