Hey some of you may know me…

I’m yin…

2007 2nd place at CA States…

Hopefully i’ll be doing great and better this year…i’m working on new tricks…




Welcome to YoYoExpert Forums! Take off your shoes, hopefully you stay a while :wink:

Do you have a video of you competing? I would love to see it

Pleased to meet you Yin. I would also like to see that video.

CHEESE! :slight_smile:

I cant figure out how to get rid of the text…sorry guys…


Thats fine. I think just inputing the link itself will show the yoyo. You don’t need all that jazz.

that was tight and welcome!!!

wow! your good and welcome to YYE!

Hey thanks!

i’m actually working on a new video, so I hope it turns out well…


Welcome aboard, Yin!

How’s tricks?


Here is a yin vid with Gerard.

Epic fun vid!


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they are coming along. I did some yo-yoing today…guh some of them are to hard for me to do…worst feeling when you make a trick and can’t do it lol…