Summit Test
;D ;D ;D

Great job!!! Love that style you have!

Thanks! Congrats on your forum expert achievement!

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Nice job!

Thanks Duskeye!

Bring it to the top.

I’m 20, and let me tell you, you’re better than me ! well I recently started so lol xD So yeahhhh I’ve a lot to learn but maybe I’ll post a video that I shot a month back soon! keep up the good work !

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Thank you!

Nice vid yoyokidddddddddddddd.

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Thank you Nemyoooooooo

Don’t know how I missed this one. You’re getting better! Land those tricks at MA States and I’d say you’ve got a good chance of placing!

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Tahnk you!

You have to teach me some if your tricks sometime. You should get sponsored!!!

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Really good!

Thank You!