SunRise Street Kendama!

Play, Perform, Enjoy. That’s the motto of SunRise Kendama, a new company with a pretty interesting story. The business got its start creating circus equipment with a strong focus on juggling balls. After taking a trip to Japan, and being exposed to the world of competitive kendama play, they quickly realized they could utilize their skill and ability to create some amazing competition level kendamas. So thats what they did! This is the Sunrise Street Kendama!

The newest kendama here at YoYoExpert is quickly becoming one of our favorites. The SunRise Street Kendama is perfectly weighted and specially designed to be extra durable which makes it ideal for use in the street, schoolyard, skate parks, and any other generally rough terrain in this world. The paint is extremely dent/chip resistant and has a nice glossy finish that gives it an undeniably beautiful look.

The durable Street Kendama is the perfect addition to any kendama arsenal and with its special chip resistant paint it is ready to go wherever you need it!

The SunRise Street Kendama is competition certified and accredited by the BKA (British Kendama Association) and the EKA (European Kendama Association)