Summit, Puffin, hulk Marmot, hulk AC, Genesises, modded OG Bapezilla

Note - this guy has been banned as a past and probably present scammer.
Has multiple accounts - jojo man, Mike Marshal, TheCreator

CLYW: Chief, Avalanche, peaks
C3yo: Halo
offer anything open for ideas

Here is a link to the photos
1)Gold Puffin MIB 130$ or trade (traded for lat. 53 Chief MIB)
2)Hulk Smash Marmot Mint 110$ or trade
3)Hulk Smash Arctic Circle MIB (my friends says he’s willing to trade, he wants a clareview station chief, mint, or any other cool color chief)
4)Light Blue Summit MIB (my friends says he is willing to trade if the offer is right, goodluck. he really wants a 28 stories peak or chief for this)

5)JoeAnn Genesis 65$ or trade
6)2012 Splash Genesis 65$ or trade

7)OG Bapezilla (modded by rice rocket, the mod makes it a small bearing) 150$ or trade[/b] (sold for 150$ have cash for things i want now)

first BUMP

relly looking for chiefs for most of the stuff, so are my friends

might be putting more yoyos up soon, really want clareview and 28’s

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