String that comes with the loop 720 in the box

(No Pe) #1

I was wondering if anybody knew what kind of preshortened string comes in the box of the loop 720s (jap version). I’m pretty sure they’re 100% poly but I don’t know where to buy more of them from.

They’re perfectly responsive for my 720s, even after thinning out a bit. The length of them is also perfect for my height. The first time I tried them, my consistency went up exponentially.

(Gethin) #2

I’m like 80% they’re poly strings that yyf makes, they have for sale in bulk on their website.


I think @gcoomans is right. It makes sense that yyf would stock there yoyos with there own string. Just a side note the standard length on yyf string is really long for looping. I would recommend cutting your string to a few inches below the waist.

(No Pe) #4

Thanks for the suggestion :ok_hand:

(Gethin) #5

No prob! I loved the string that came with mine, but I recently tried some type 6 white poly, and I think I like that stuff better, you should give it a try!

(ChrisFrancz) #6

2 years ago I got good at one-handed looping - 25 or so most of the time but that was only after I shortened the string significantly - to the length you suggested.