Strange Concepts!

(UmeNagisa) #1

Some weird looking stuff I’ve been fooling around with.
Gosh I need to take a happy pill, I look so bored in the video! hahaha



nice vid


There are some pretty cool concepts on this video. I’ll have to play around with them. Overall very nice ideas.

(UmeNagisa) #4

Thanks! I’d wanna see more people play with the double trapeze hops! I wonder what people would come up with! :smiley:


isn’t 0:17 Janos?

(UmeNagisa) #6

Very Janos Inspired! Not the exact trick, but original whip is his!

(UmeNagisa) #7



is that make up on your face :P?

(UmeNagisa) #9

Yes. Why? :o


Pfhaha yu look like my cuzin gone dike lolol
jk nice vid