Stickman is the man

I just completed a deal with @stickman, he was pleasant and forthright to communicate with, he packed my new to me yoyos with great care and shipped very quickly. Everything was exactly as described.
Nobody else should buy from him so I can get first shot at his awesome yoyos. :slight_smile: I will definitely buy from him again.


I had a great experience buying a Rally from @stickman. Friendly the whole way, fast and safe shipping, made sure I was aware of the flaw in Rally’s, and even threw in some nice string. Highly recommended!

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Stickman is as legit as can possibly be. Super-nice guy and he has the bomb collection too. I have had many good buying/selling experiences with him.

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Stickman with an amazing unboxing experience… the best I’ve had in 10+
Years of trading