Stacking an Avent Garde

Can you stack it with a PGM axle like a DV888? If not, is there a different way to do it?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Try it! I’m interested too see the results.

First, you have to use a tap to be able to put an axle all the way through, then you can use the kit.

A tap is used to thread things.

Why would I need to tap the axle? Is the axle set up differently than on the DV888?

You don’t need to. Just force the axle through the sides like you would on a Dv888.

Will that damage the yoyo then?

To some extent. It won’t be very noticeable from the out side, but the original axle will come through the sides also. I don’t recommend doing it.

Ok, thank you for warning me. I didn’t know it damaged the yoyo.

That’s why Alex H. suggested using a tap. Less chance for damage.

what is a tap?

It’s a tool designed to cut threads in the metal for the purpose of accepting screws or bolts. The hole is usually pre-drilled and then you use the tapping tool to cut the threads. The tap tool is specific for the kind of threads you need. Fortunately, the stuff yoyos use is typically fairly common.

Some taps go into drills, some are hand-tools. Most are reasonably priced, often under $12 based on some real fast research.