SPYY train wreck yoyo

(Mikey) #1

im thinking about getting a all metal yoyo and i saw the SPYY train wreck. do you think it is good ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

(Raphael) #2

hmm it looks cool on yyn if that helps! :slight_smile:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #3

Lol color doesn’t matter at all. Look at some reviews.


Here is a link to a review


Sorry for posting to another site but it’s a good review.

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #5

From the reviews and the comments from it, it looks like it’s a good yo-yo.

(Mikey) #6

thanks guys, i might get 1 now! ;D ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yes - It is a good metal.


I’ve thrown one and it is really nice. I would recommend getting one.